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CMC350 Google Map Pound for Pound

Click the link and check it out! We are trying to get in contact with the people who run the Pound for Pound in Orlando and see if this map can be helpful to them.


I have just figured this out while checking my twitter today. For baseball we get Jimmy Johns before every game. Well I have a lovely food allergy where I am allergic to whatever lettuce is preserved in so it lasts longer. Whoever made my Jimmy Johns that day put lettuce on there so I was not happy about it and didn’t get to eat before the game. Not good. So I was upset and decided to tweet about it telling Jimmy Johns they suck. The beautiful thing is I got a tweet from Jimmy Johns wanting to know about it. Amazing how they found that. But thanks Jimmy Johns for caring, looks like I will continue to go there. Social media you continue to amaze me, such an omnipresence with all my stuff! scccaryyy

Well I finally got all my group situation figured out and finalized. For my social media class we are doing a Google mapping project. I will discuss our project and give a time line for what we are going to accomplish. Our project is based around the pound for pound challenge. This pound for pound challenge is a huge deal and has been talked about on television “The Biggest Loser,” and is involved with Feeding America and many food companies are involved. I know that many of these companies are probably making a lot of money from this and is partially a marketing, advertising and PR campaign but we are trying to focus on the positives. Basically for every pound you pledge to lose through June 13, 2010 the pound for pound challenge will donate 14 cents to Feeding America. The money made will be used to buy groceries for those in need. I know this does not attack the root cause of hunger and just sort of puts a band-aid on the problem, it is a start. Here is the Pound for Pound challenges website for further information on it.

Our mapping project will be used to help out people who want to be part of this and to help raise awareness of this project in the Winter Park area. Orlando is in 15th place if you like the idea of competition for this project and this project will map out gyms, restaurants, parks, and other places that would help people to lose weight so some money will be donated. We will map out these places and give a description of how they can help out this cause as well as a picture so people can find these places and get working on them. For example, we will map restaurants that have healthy food and highlight gyms that might have special trial offers so people can get started.

We met as a group to finalize this project this past Friday and this is what we decided on. We wanted to have information posted on our blogs by today, as well as have our pins placed on the map and start writing about the places. On Monday we want to have everything on the map including pictures, descriptions and anything else we need and practice our presentation before Tuesday when we will present our project.

After my first go around with Google maps it wasn’t that bad after all. It was helpful going into class and seeing what everyone else had done and what they had problems with. A few people had the same problem with adding pictures from Flickr to their map. Google doesn’t allow that to happen. While my map was a simple walking route from my house to school, many of these maps are becoming very in-depth and helpful maps. Many of which are focusing on community efforts, or social justice in general.

My map:,-95.677068&spn=14.98482,35.419922&z=4

Here are a few articles that discuss some of these new and upcoming maps:

Google maps seems like such a simple thing to do. I watched the video that pops up when you first sign in. Wow it looks simple. I am sure it is simple, but I this is my first go around. I am sure I will blog about this more but this is my asking for help post. My pictures wont show up on the pins. I am using the url from my Flickr account on the rich text formatting like the video showed to do this. A box shows up but it has that red X in it. I don’t know what else to try?

As my housemates become more and more obsessed with this new phenomenon so do I. For the countless hours a night they like to spend laughing, yelling, talking and whatever else they do I keep getting more interested. I have never been on chatroulette, but I do enjoy watching them on it as an observer. Relax, not in a creepy way. The first part of this article talks about the number of users that this site gets everyday. Which just shows how popular this has become, and how quickly it has accomplished such a feat. With this huge amount of people on this some people are doing some crazy things, but its more than just penises they say. Ben Folds did a chatroulette song improv for this and many others are starting to do the same. You can check out many different website to find these, I usually just go to That would be pretty awesome to run into a live concert on chatroulette one night. There is just so many interesting people out there, and chatroulette is a great place to see many of them.

This is posted on my twitter. I found this article pretty interesting because it is very relevant to social media and one of the ways it is used for today. The question of being a grown up versus a middle school kid is posed. But I would have to say that most people would be acting in the middle school way. Checking anywhere from their blog, to facebook, to twitter or any other social media site seems to be very common. This usually stirs up more trouble then it is worth especially with comments or pictures being seen, read or posted. Some people would probably call this “stalking” but as this article helps to state it is practically impossible to not run into something of theirs online. This is a pretty testy subject and there doesn’t seem to be one right answer. So good look to you all who are dealing with this right now.

There is a growing demand for food as the population grows. But the amount of farms have significantly decreased as well as the outlets and stores that farmers have to sell their food to or at. In day two of quiz camp we tried to figure out solutions to some of these problems and issues.

Raise Awareness: This is at the forefront of our discussion of how to help out the farmers. We chose to use the social media outlets to help raise this awareness.
1. Facebook: Start groups, fan pages, status updates about when and where they are occurring.
2. Flickr: Post pictures of the market. Show people what is there for them to purchase, or to do.
3. Twitter: Updates about the farmers market.
4. Blogs: Just what I am doing now. Can discuss anything about the markets, farmers, the corporations. Blogs can be very useful for getting facts to the people about this issue.
5. YouTube: Post videos from the farmers market, interviews and just the general scene.
Good website to find out where you can buy organic food or foods without and chemicals used in the growing process.
Trailer for the movie
Site for Winter Park Farmers Market

Here is my mind map regarding local farm workers and their struggle to find a stable market to sell their food or plants at. While this is becoming more of an issue in central Florida this mind map is not yet used as a solution but as a brainstorm to help understand the issue. There are still some other questions that need to be answered. Such as how many outlets are around for the farm workers to sell their products at? How many farmers are in need to these outlets and how many supermarkets buy or don’t buy from local farmers.


This is a good video to watch. I posted it on my twitter account also. This video first talks about what exactly chatroulette is. Up until a week or two ago I had no idea this even existed. But it sure has me appalled. For one that such a young person could create something like this, and I am having trouble balancing my blog, twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts. My housemates have became obsessed with this. They spend hours on it a night and say it is the greatest thing ever. I find it more interesting and amusing to watch them on chatroulette than be on chatroulette myself. I am curious to see how this site is going to progress, or fail. Especially with the amount of popularity it has received lately.